gorse 13 submission call



“We learn from history as much as a rabbit learns from an experiment that’s performed upon it.”

– W.G. Sebald


In July 1937, the Nazi party put an art exhibition in Munich: Entartete Kunst, or, Degenerate Art. 740 modern works that the Nazis did not approve of were shown to ‘educate’ the public on the ‘art of decay.’ It was a rail against modernity and the moral collapse associated with it. The exhibition handbook explained that the aim of the show was to ‘reveal the philosophical, political, racial and moral goals and intentions behind this movement, and the driving forces of corruption which follow them.’

We are living in dark times. We want artistic responses to the theme of ‘Taboo.’  We are looking for fiction, essays, poetry, and art. Help us shine a light: info [at] gorse [dot] ie, subject line ‘gorse 13 taboo’. Submissions are open from 13th December until 10th January.