Introducing: Julie Reverb


Editors’ note: As we head towards publication, we thought we would introduce our contributors.

Julie Reverb started writing ‘while in bed with a hangover in Spring 2012.’ She says she writes ‘intensely about nothing,’ purely for ‘punches and cadence.’ We believe her. You will too if you follow the trail of her work through some of the best writing venues out there: ‘Pound It’ in Squawk Back, ‘You’ve Got Something on Your Face’ in Calamari Press’ Sleeping Fish, ‘The Bad News First’ in 3:AM Magazine. It’s staggering to think she’s only been at it for a few years.

For gorse, Julie has written ‘Inverted Yearning,’ a sharp little story that pulls no punches:

Her dad’s death is neatly assuaged in a late-night murmuring era. It’s not yet complete, but there are crying walks, alone. He’d seen Roy Orbison once, at Caesars Palace. Cry-i-i-i-ing over you.

She smokes and watches and thinks on the family business. What will happen to them. The picture has bruised edges she cannot touch, not even with her ring finger. The rabbits aren’t moving and mum is stalling her words. They trail off in their unthinking, smoky letters across a dithering sky. Her dressing-gown belt wilts to the floor, a sigh across domestic tundra. Mum broods in her tea-making. Pouring glides into tepid stirring then forgetting. Where are the biscuits – did she leave them in the car? Did she buy any? They sit apart while the dog concedes into a quarter circle. Deciding against life, dreaming the end.