Radio, live transmission

Rorschach Audio on the radio transmissions in Jean Cocteau‘s Orphée.

Radio transmissions from the film “Orpheus” by Jean Cocteau. Obviously subtitled translations of original foreign-language dialogue inevitably will vary, however the section of dialogue most relevant to EVP research, and to the ideas discussed in “Rorschach Audio”, are the lines subtitled in this video as (referring to the radio messages) “Where could they be coming from, Heurtebise? They’re on no other station. I’m certain they’re meant for me”. As described in the “Rorschach Audio” publications, the same dialogue is translated by Carol Martin-Sperry (in the English language publication of Cocteau’s original screen-play) as “Where could they be coming from? No other station broadcasts them. I feel certain they are addressed to me personally”. Cocteau confirmed this sound imagery was “inspired by the BBC broadcasts of the occupation” – by the mysterious and enigmatic radio transmissions which carried coded messages from the British military to French resistance fighters during WW2.