Reads of 2013


Exciting that three of the novels on our list are a) written by Irish authors (Alan Cunningham, Eimear McBride, Philip Terry), b) experimental, c) published by independent publishers. A pity they’re exiled. (And we have more to say on this in our editorial in issue one.) Anyway… our favourite novels and non-fiction reads of the year.

Alan Cunningham’s Count From Zero to One Hundred (Penned in the Margins)
Marguerite Duras’ L’Amour, trans. Kazim Ali & Libby Murphy (Open Letter)
Álvaro Enrigue’s Hypothermia, trans. Brendan Riley (Dalkey Archive)
Karl Ove Knausgård’s A Man in Love, trans. Don Bartlett (Harvill Secker)
Rachael Kushner’s The Flamethrowers (Harvill Secker)
Eimear McBride’s A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing (Galley Beggars Press)
Jason Schwartz’s John the Posthumous (O/R Books)
Philip Terry’s tapestry (Reality Street)
Juan Pablo Villalobos’ Quesadillas, trans. Rosalind Harvey (And Other Stories)

Anne Carson’s Red Doc> (Random House)
Roger Grenier’s A Box of Photographs, trans. Alice Kaplan (University of Chicago Press)
Richard Hell’s I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp (Harper Collins)
Edward Hollis’ The Memory Palace: A Book of Lost Interiors (Portobello Books)
Patrick Keiller’s The View From the Train: Cities and Other Landscapes (Verso)
Olivia Laing’s The Trip to Echo Spring: Why Writers Drink (Canongate)
Giacomo Leopardi’s Zibaldone, trans. Michael Caesar, Franco D’Intino et al (Penguin)
Deborah Levy’s Things I Don’t Want to Know (Notting Hill Editions)
Janet Malcolm’s Forty-One False Starts (Granta)
Stefan Zweig’s Nietzsche, trans. Will Stone (Hesperus)