The story


We’re working away on the first print issue of gorse, and we’ll announce its contents (and ways you can support us) very, very soon. We think, though, it’ll do no harm to give you a taster of what we’ve got in so far: interviews with Evan Lavender-Smith and Adam Thirlwell, essays on Houellebecq and how ancient Modernism is, fiction from Desmond Hogan, Julie Reverb and Matthew Jakubowski, and poems by S.J. Fowler. We’ve also lined up an interview with a young Irish artist; essays on writing about horror for a living, on running through Paris, on Cartier-Bresson’s artist portraits, on the films of Nic Roeg; fiction from an Irish artist and writer based in Berlin; and a comic by a very talented illustrator living in Paris. We’re pretty excited and hope you are too.