gorse no. 9, November 2017

208 Pages (the first 150 copies are individually numbered)

ISBN: 978-0-9928047-9-4 | €13


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No. 9

‘Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers…’

‘Applicable Tenses of Woven’ by Clare Archibald
‘Vanitas’ by Niamh Campbell
‘Imprint’ by Zoe Comyns
‘Shadow Meeting Points: On Hope Mirrlees’ by Shoshana Kessler
‘Giftgrun’ by Darragh McCausland
‘Mandible’ by Doireann Ni Ghriofa
‘Delirium’ by Imogen Reid
‘My Career as a Baker’ by Sydney Weinberg

‘Ag Stanadh Amach’ by Eilean Ni Chullieanain
& Alan Titley

‘Violet’ by Arnold Thomas Fanning
‘Lurve’ by Uschi Gatward
‘Golding’ by David Hayden
‘Rotting Man’ by Colm McDermott
‘Frog’ by Paula McGrath
‘Oppenheimer’ by Gavin Murphy

‘Two Poems’ by Amanda Bell
‘Four Poems’ by Mike Saunders
‘Pass’ by Maurice Scully
‘Prairial (from A Revolutionary Calendar)’ by Zoe Skoulding
‘Two Poems’ by Nathan Walker

Cover: Niall McCormack