Recommended Reading 2015


Instead of a ‘Best of..’ list, this year we are electing to recommend books, essays, stories and by past gorse contributors.

Darran Anderson’s Imaginary Cities (Influx Press)
Anna Aslanyan‘s ‘Working Title’ columns (Asymptote)
Kevin Breathnach’s ‘Madrid’ (The White Review No. 14)
Stephen Crowe‘s Wake in Progress
Rob Doyle‘s Here Are the Young Men (Bloomsbury)
S.J. Fowler‘s {Enthusiasm} (Test Centre)
Colin J. Herd‘s Oberwildling: on the life of Oskar Kokoschka (Austrian Cultural Forum’s Occasions series)
Desmond Hogan‘s ‘The Metlar’ (Winter Pages Vol. 1)
John Holten‘s Oslo, Norway (Broken Dimanche Press)
Matthew Jakubowski‘s ‘War Bond’ (Interfictions No. 6, November 2015)
Julie Reverb‘s No Moon (Calamari Press)
Joanna Walsh’s Vertigo (Dorothy Project)
Karl Whitney’s Hidden City (Penguin)
David Winter’s Infinite Fictions (Zero Press)


Claire-Louise Bennett’s Pond (Fitzcarraldo Editions)
Dylan Brennan’s ‘and what is my heart’ (‘Poets for Ayotzinapa,’ Mexico City Lit)
Alan Cunningham’s ‘On the non-existence of Northern Ireland’ (Minor Literature[s], October 2015)
Brian Dillon’s The Great Explosion (Penguin)
Tristan Foster‘s ‘Eight Questions for Gerald Murnane’ (3:AM Magazine, April 2015)
Hugh Fulham-McQuillan‘s ‘The Page as Existence’ (The Stinging Fly, Winter 2015-2016)
Jonathan Gibbs‘ ‘Southampton’ (#1ShortStoryAnthology, Vanguard Editions)
Niven Govinden‘s ‘Animal Heart’ (A Kind of Compass, Tramp Press)
Christodoulos MakrisArchitecture of Chance (Wurm im Apfel Press)
Mira Mattar‘s ‘And to cry out’ (Very Small Kitchen Project)
Colm O’Shea‘s ‘Blink’ (Visual Verse, Vol. 2, Chapter 5)
Tim Smyth‘s ‘The Destructions’ (Bogman’s Cannon, May 2015)
Lies Van Gasse‘s Zand op een zeebed (Wereldbibliotheek)


Sheila Armstrong‘s ‘The Tender Mercies of Its People’ (Young Irelanders, New Island Books)
Liam Cagney‘s ‘Classical Connections Fiction and music’ (Sinfini Music, November 2015)
Therese Cox’s ‘Night on the Lash’ (Banshee 1, Autumn 2015)
Ailbhe Darcy‘s ‘Ansel Adam’s Aspens’ (POETRY, Young Irish Poets, September 2015)
Cal Doyle‘s ‘Echolocator’ (POETRY, Young Irish Poets, September 2015)
Adrian Duncan‘s Nevsky Prospect (Paper Visual Arts)
Oliver Farry’s ‘How seeing an area or landscape you know well in a film affects your viewing experience’ (New Statesman, October 2015)
Andrew Gallix’s ‘The Writer Postponed: Barthes at the BnF’ (Los Angeles Review of Books, August 2015)
David Hayden‘s ‘Egress’ (Dublin Review 57, Winter 2014-2015)
Darragh McCausland‘s ‘Collecting’ (Dublin Review 59, Summer 2015)
Paula McGrath’s Generation (John Murray Originals)
Ian Maleney’s ‘Trapdoors’ (Fallow Media, November 2015)
Bobby Seal’s ‘There’s a Thousand Things I Want to Say to You: The City, Modernism and the Flâneuse’ (Psychogeographic Review, October 2015)
Michael Naghten ShanksYear Of The Ingénue (Eyewear Publishing)
Will Stone‘s Montaigne by Stefan Zweig (Pushkin Press)


Kimberly Campanello‘s Strange Country (Dreadful Press)
Daniela Cascella’s F.M.R.L. Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound (Zero Books)
Dominique Cleary’s ‘Life, death, God and oil in the rainforest’ (Dublin Review 61, Winter 2015-2016)
Robert Herbert McClean‘s Pangs! (Test Centre)
Ian Parkinson‘s The Beginning of the End (Salt)
Jacob Siefring‘s ‘On Composing and Collaborating with Antoine Volodine’ by Denis Frajerman (Music and Literature, May 2015)
Suzanne Walsh’s ‘All Stops to the Point – An East Wall Story’ (Fallow Media , October 2015)
Adrian Nathan West‘s The Weight of Things by Marianne Fritz (Dorothy Project)