gorse no. 6, August 2016

200 Pages (the first 150 copies are individually numbered)

ISBN 978-0-9928047-5-6

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No. 6

‘We know what we are, but not what we may be.’

Je est un autre

‘Guadalupe’ by Dylan Brennan
‘Kill Music/Fake Music’ by Liam Cagney
‘On Blood-ties & Rituals’ by Dominique Cleary
‘Children & Art’ by Lauren Elkin
‘An Impossible Point in Infinity’ by Oliver Farry
‘Utopian Abbreviation’ by Daniel Fraser
‘Killary’ by Thomas McNally
‘Orlando, a Seduction’ by Joanna Walsh

Geoff Dyer by Rob Doyle

‘Fiach’ by Simon Ó Faoláin
& Colm Ó Ceallacháin

‘The Commons’ by Gavin Corbett
‘Occupation of the Same Space’ by Lauren de Sa Naylor
‘Introduction to Djordje Bojič’s ‘To Warmann’’ by John Holten
‘Hugh Lomax’ by Bridget Penney
‘The Law of Excluded Middle’ by David Rose

‘Estates’ by SJ Fowler
‘Three Poems’ by Aodhán McCardle
‘Four Poems’ by Julie Morrissy
‘Three Poems’ by Chus Pato, translated by Keith Payne

Cover: Niall McCormack