gorse no. 7, December 2016

200 Pages (the first 150 copies are individually numbered)

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No. 7

‘Literature is the question minus the answer.’

Falsing (After Marconi)

‘Consuming Genres’ by Scott Esposito
‘Marginalia’ by Jonathan Gibbs
‘Orphans By Vocation, Roberto Bolaño & Three Stridentists in 1976′ by John Z Komurki
‘The World & the Woman, Meaning-Making in Gombrowicz’s Cosmos‘ by Shona McCombes
‘Apropos of the Electrophorus & the Tohu-Bohu’ by Pierre Senges, translated by Jacob Siefring

Alan Moore by Pádraig Ó Méalóid

‘Dialachtaic’ by Colm Breathnach
& Liam Mac Cóil

‘Duty’ by Chris Beausang
‘The New Geography’ by Owen Booth
‘Minutiae’ by Celine Fox
‘The Lion’s Wings’ Anthony McGuinness
‘Everything is Subject to Motion, Everything is Motion’s Subject’ by CD Rose

‘Four Poems’ by Chris Campanioni
‘Burning Boat’ by Sheila Mannix
‘Four Visual Poems’ by John Rodzvilla
‘Three Poems’ by Michael Naghten Shanks

Cover: Niall McCormack