gorse no. 8, March 2017

208 Pages (the first 150 copies are individually numbered)

ISBN: 978-0-9928047-7-0

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No. 8

‘Excuse me but I just have to explode this body off me…’

‘Postcards to a Performance (about time)’ by Alice Butler
‘Your Chroma’ by Sinéad Gleeson
‘The Ubiquitous Subject of Keith Haring’ by Diarmuid Hester
‘Ghosts of Love: Sex & Obsession in the Work of David Lynch’ by Richard Kovitch
‘We Cannot Be Trusted With Chairs’ by Dimitra Xidous

Dragana Jurisic by Orla Fitzpatrick
Ulay by Margarita Meklina

‘Colainn’ by Máirtín Coilféir
& Caitríona Ní Chléirchín
& Alan Titley

‘Cell’ by Sheila Armstrong
‘Beneath the Bruise is a Beach’ by Alex McElroy
‘Cinq à sept’ by Colm O’Shea
‘Translation’ by David Rose
‘John 1.1′ by Hugh Smith

‘Six Poems’ by Ivy Alvarez
‘Aristophanes’ People’ by Kevin Cahill
‘Three Poems’ by SJ Fowler
‘Four Poems’ by Melissa Lee-Houghton

Cover: Niall McCormack