Long time comin’

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Please excuse the low res pics… but, as we’re still working away on issue one of gorse, we thought we’d share a snippet from a brand new story by Desmond Hogan:

Reflections in Snow White’s transparent coffin. Inner Dublin Streets.

The Roma CafĂ© in Dorset Street which sold thornback ray – humpy ray you ate, off the bone.

A lemon, lighted up fish with scarlet arrow, flickering on and off, on his back, pointing the way into the chipper.

A boy in scarlet jersey suddenly veering vertically across the road in disregard of the traffic, onto the opposite pavement, like a cardinal bird let loose in these parts.

Sean McDermott Street in snow, like L.S. Lowry’s paintings of Salford, ensembles of tiny figures adrift, muted, made a joke of against the Titan blocks of flats.

A woman wheeling a pram full of king-size Twix bars.

Skinheads with baby bottom haircuts.

Youths in hipster jeans with Mick Jagger haircuts.

Youths in diamond pattern jerseys with Eric Burdon and the Animals haircuts – plastic, side-swept quiffs.

Pot belly stove in an orphanage and a picture of Mary on the wall, who looks as if she’s had a ghetto nervous breakdown, pointing to her heart.

To find your way home with white pebbles that glitter in the moonlight like coins. A duck individually ferried Hansel and Gretel across an expanse of water on their final journey home.

The deepest and loneliest part of the wood where a white bird brings you to a house whose walls are made of gingerbread, roof of cake, windows pure sugar.