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In the current print edition of The Idler (58), David Collard ‘has a perfect day with Little Island Press and Gorse magazine.’ Collard, an early champion of Eimear McBride, wanders through Dublin (‘In Ireland at the end of September I spent a day that I wouldn’t mind repeating endlessly, Groundhog-style…’), taking in sites mentioned in Flann O’Brien’s Dalkey Archive, as well as the launch of David Hayden’s Darker With the Lights On. Of gorse, he writes:

Shedding Poetry’s National Baggage


Christodoulos Makris writing for Versopolis:

…If and when it enters the public arena, poetry becomes a vehicle for the propagation of the nation state, a tourist promotion of sorts.


Increasingly in our aggressively nationalist times, inwardness is thought of as high virtue; insularity and stubbornness of vision are promoted as signs of a courageous up-holding of supposedly threatened heritage and values. But if an insular or marginalised community finds itself wielding a dominance of sorts, a force to be exerted upon the further-marginalised, where to for inwardness then? In what way is power to be understood?


Art+Writing 4: Line


With Sara Baume and Tamarin Norwood, Poetry Ireland, Wednesday 25 October 2017, 7pm.

Art+Writing, organised by Paper Visual Art and gorse journals, is a series of conversations between practitioners who work at the intersection of writing and the visual arts.

These events bring artists and writers together to present and discuss their work, and to explore the overlaps.

#4: LINE participants are award-winning novelist Sara Baume and acclaimed artist and writer Tamarin Norwood.

The event is free but ticketed.