The line is a fuse*


gorse is intended as a print object (we have strong views on this: see a 2016 interview with our editors at 3:AM Magazine, specifically, why print?). However, as we wait for our printers to re-open (to publish issue 11 of the journal), we thought we’d share the Editorials from past issues (now, mostly, out-of-print).

Vol. I (gorse nos 1-4)
1/ Where the Dead Voices Gather, gorse no. 1, January 2014
2/ We Go This Way, gorse no. 2, September 2014
3/ Whale in the Moon When It’s Clear, gorse no. 3, March 2015
4/ Wonder is Really Nothing, gorse no. 4, September 2015

Vol. II (gorse nos 5-10)
5/ The Geometry Blinked Ruin Unimaginable, gorse no. 5, March 2016
6/ Je est un autre, gorse no. 6, August 2016
7/ Falsing (After Marconi), gorse no. 7, December 2016
8/ Ex Corpore: A Study for Five Figures, gorse no. 8, March 2017 [Note: gorse no. 8 was printed without an editorial to allow the body of work to speak for itself. The editorial was accessible only on the website. For that reason, no PDF exists]
9/ A Kind if Blue, gorse no. 9, October 2017
10/ Editorial, or, why a bag of rubbish is not just a load of garbage** [PDF], gorse no. 10, September 2018

*From Mayakovsky’s Conversation with a Tax Collector about Poetry
** Christodoulos Makris’ Editorial for g10 is presented as it was designed, as a fold-out information sheet similar to those found in medicine boxes