gorse, no. 2, September 2014

285 pages (the first 150 copies are individually numbered)

ISBN: 978-0-9928047-1-8

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No. 2

We Go This Way

I Am Love by Claire-Louise Bennett
More Rigged Than Recollected by Alan Cunningham
The Isle is Full of Noises by Brian Dillon
Kill Fee, An Experimental Review by Matthew Jakubowski
Gaze on Your Omphalos by Catherine O’Sullivan
This Was Tomorrow by Simon Reynolds
Christmas in Nowhere by Tim Smyth
The Sky Has Gone Mad, Antonin Artaud in Ireland by Susan Tomaselli

Outposts by Rob Doyle
Black Chalk With Touches of White on Brown Paper by Tristan Foster
Rigor Terra by Hugh Fulham-McQuillan
Festschrift by Jonathan Gibbs*
Europe, in Winter by Niven Govinden
Conditions by Mira Mattar
Extrapolations by Colm O’Shea

Three Poems by Dylan Brennan
Civilisations’s Golden Dawn: A Slideshow by Christodoulos Makris
Three Rune Poems by SJ Fowler
Two Graphic Poems: Revolution XIV & The Second She Wolf by Lies Van Gasse


Cover by Niall McCormack

*Best British Short Story 2015